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About Jane


Jane lives in Scotland, the UK. She has two grown up children and is nana to baby Arthur. She is a fiery lover of Jesus whose intimate walk with God has led her into the depths of the mysteries of YHVH and the heights of heaven. Fuelled by her passion and desire for Jesus and for others to know his love, Jane walks God's sons into their destinies of kingship, dimensions of heaven and eternal bliss. Jane is a prophetic seer passionate about prayer. She devotes her life to the heavenly realms.  As an international speaker, author, poet, song writer, a truly wild adventurer.

Jane longs to see heaven on earth, experiencing some crazy awesome face to face encounters with her father, Abba God. She has a deep desire to see more of the miracles healings in everyday life just like the Desert Father and Mothers walked in Celtic Monastic Communities. So in the spirit of the greatest revivalist, Jane would love for us to ‘go after God with all we’ve got’ together on this crazy wild glorious adventure to see the wild islands align into their fullness, destiny.


Isaiah 60:3 speaks about Nations will be attracted to your radiant light and kings to the sunrise-glory of your new day.

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