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All Creation Is Groaning – Butterfly Visitations

One year ago, I was having plastering done on the walls of my house. It was a lovely sunny day and my front lounge big bay window was wide open to let the air in as it was so hot. I was nowhere near the window but a butterfly flew in and headed straight for me and landed on my chest. It was brown and yellow.

It was there for quite some time. Maybe 10 minutes and then it fluttered up and nuzzled into my neck. It sat there for ages. I was amazed and thanked the Lord for His creation. I then cupped it in my hands and put it out the window. The workmen were astonished and amazed so I took the opportunity to talk to them about Jesus. I also went upstairs and talked to them about some gemstones the Lord had given me. When the workers finished the job, I could hear them talking in the van outside my house. The apprentice said to Zac, the plasterer, “that woman is weird”. Zac agreed, but said, ‘if she prays for you, you will really know about it’. I really miss my time with those guys.

This place also has beautiful plants and flowers to attract butterflies in their natural habitat. There was also an assistant there with expertise in butterflies. We spoke for ages and I told her about our butterfly visitations. She was very surprised to see the butterfly on Ruth’s back and to learn about our previous encounters as she said butterflies will fly around but rarely land on someone. We walked around the presence of creation that was so beautiful and peaceful.

At the end of our visit we almost had to shake the butterfly off because it wanted to come with us. It touched us so deeply that all creation is groaning waiting for the Sons of God to take their position as co-creators with God.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my butterfly encounters.

Thanks to the people who partner with us, and if you’re thinking about it you can support us here.

Big blessings

Love Janie x

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