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Beautiful Bali

“Only through the Holy Spirit can we see people and events as God sees them.”

I’m just back from an amazing trip to Indonesia, Jakarta and Bali. A massive honour goes to Daniel Black & his leadership team for inviting me to be part of their Indonesia Love & Miracles Tour 2018.

What I so loved was everyone’s diversity with all the different gifting, ages from seven to sixty functioning together, and 29 laid-down lovers for Jeshua spreading the love feast!

We saw God moving, healing hearts, changing lives in the local Children’s Home to the Leprosy village and feeding over a 150 people their staple food of rice.

We hugged, prayed and loved on many woman who had recently lost there husbands not knowing their future, and will often lose their homes.

We sat next to an elderly lady hugging her. She was blind in both eyes. With the help of our lovely interpreter we asked her to look into the light and she said she could see a bit more light. Daniel ministered to her and loved on her, and she began to see a bit more! As she looked at Daniel she said, “where your voice is, you look light. You are hairy like a poppa bear”. Then Daniel asked if she could see me, but all she could see was Daniel like a bright light.

Her eyesight was not completely healed but it was a miracle she could see Daniel supernaturally glowing as light. Although she couldn’t see me at all as we prayed, she started to weep saying she could feel my love and compassion. We believe this was because I could understand her lose having gone through similar circumstances in my family. Daniel helped her simply to understand a little bit about the cloud of witnesses and how she could see her husband anytime because she could see her husband in heaven. She was thrilled and by the time we left she was beaming, smiling.

We saw loads of deliverances! Everywhere we went people got delivered.

On our first nights rest in the beautiful Bolinesion Kutes, we awoke to a room-shaking magnitude 5.5 earthquake, crashing thunder & lightening and later that morning the room flooded!

Under beautiful parasols on the hot hot Kute Bali beach, we chilled sipping coconut milk ready for spiritual readings. We sent people out to bring in people interested to have Holy Spirit read their mail and we got to love on them while they were with us.

A group of lads catapulted into their future through words of knowledge. I prayed for a middle-aged women selling scarfs on the beach and instantly swelling went down.

Everywhere we went, every shop and everything we did, we prayed for people.

Sunday morning was no exception with 150 people gathering. Our beautiful interpreter was healed of a major heart condition! He showed up really nervous about being my interpreter because he had heard stories about me running around the meeting the previous year shouting fire! So I kept it easy and slow talking about precious Holy Spirit’s fusion, and calling people up for healing prayer. This was when we discovered my interpreter had a heart murmur, so we started to pray for him and he started going crazy and couldn’t breathe, almost like he was being strangled. I was thankful for having our amazing doctor Sophie with me.

His dad was a practicing healer in witchcraft and our interpreter knew no different until he met Jesus. It got so bad at home he moved out with friends even though he loves his parents and prays and visits them regularly.

We prayed and prayed and went through lots of stuff, including generational. We put our hands on his heart. He had had some healing before but it would always come back. Holy Spirit shone light on the root cause and brought healing to completion. He kept looking at us and smiling saying, “I have never felt this free”, looking and smiling and shaking his head he could not believe he was completely healed!

One meeting I could feel Kathryn Kuhlman levitating over to me. She looked straight into my face and said, “Holy Spirit is within you”. I could feel Kathryn Kuhlman within me in Holy Spirit.

In a vision, I caught a glimpse of the books of the future generations as it unfolded before my eyes. It brought much hope to the church we were preaching at. For a split second, a moment in time, I understood Balinese text, even though I can’t read it or understand it to this day.

While my interpreter, Tommy, was speaking about this to the church on my behalf, he got blasted too. Much honour goes to Tommy. I kept saying to him, “this is difficult to explain” and he was trying to interpret!

Four scriptures on joy popped into my heart, Galatians 2:20.

“I am crucified with Christ…”

As I said it, the whole place erupted with deliverance! All the team couldn’t help because they were on the floor being either delivered or touched by His presence, our heart surgeon, Papas love, flowing through the room. We were praying for hours and hours.

Joy burst forth, I kept saying, “Jesus is closer than you think. I dare you to open your eyes and look into his face.” It was nuts! The Pastor and his wife said she had never seen anything like it. I felt like I was gliding across the floor. The Lord is trusting us in these days with another level of power, the Spirit of Might with the Fear of the Lord’s plumb line to guide us into all truths. I couldn’t make it up myself.

One of my favourite parts of the trip was getting to eat fabulous Balineseian food after every meeting. We ate in parcels of love, rolled up in leaves with plenty of garlic and chilli. It was some of the best food I have ever tasted.

It was a privilege to minister and pray with multi-cultural faiths. God gave us so much strength and help from heat exhaustion. We held our morning prayer meetings in the swimming pool!

My heart is full of gratitude to each and every one of you, friends, and partners. You seriously keep Fiery Crown and Glory going around the world with more exciting adventures to come in 2019.

There is so much to be thankful for this year. You are the secret heroes and wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and abundant blessings for the New Year.

Love Janie x

Keep your eyes peeled for lots more trips in 2019, including:

Lake Charles, February

South Africa, March

Alabama & Seattle, May

United States, September

Australia & New Zealand, October

Germany/Indonesia/Malaysia, November

India, December

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