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Bliss Mission Tour 2019

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Hey guys! Every year, Jane goes on wild adventures to touch the poor, hidden, far away places. We love Jane. She’s the real deal. A joy bringer. Miracle worker. Most importantly she loves people dearly. If you’d like to be a part of this adventure with Jane, now is a good time to jump in and help out by donating here.

Jane goes at her own costs and is really a woman of faith. Let’s stand with her as she goes crazy wild with the love of Jesus. The schedule for this trip is incredible with Love Fest Global 2019 Indonesia tour from the 4th-11th November 2019.

Last year, we saw God moving, healing hearts, changing lives in the local Children’s Home, School and the Leprosy village and feeding over a 150 people their staple food of rice feeding over a 150 people their staple food of rice.

What I so love about Daniel Black and his team is tangible love, hugging and praying with many precious people.

One women who was recently widowed eyesight was not completely healed but it was a miracle she could see Daniel supernaturally glowing as light. Although she couldn’t see me at all as we prayed, she started to weep saying she could feel my love and compassion as we hugged her, we believe this was because I could understand her loose having gone through similar circumstances in my family.

Daniel helped her simply to understand a little bit about the cloud of witnesses and how she could see her husband anytime she wanted because she could see her husband in heaven. She was thrilled and by the time we left she was beaming, smiling.

We saw loads of deliverances! Everywhere we went people got delivered.

On the beach in Bali we set up a parcel table & chairs for people to come and have Holy Spirit read their mail getting to love on them.

A group of lads were catapulted into their future through words of knowledge. I prayed for a middle-aged women selling scarfs on the beach and instantly swelling went down.

Everywhere we went, every shop and everything we did, we prayed for people.

Sunday morning was no exception with 150 people gathering. Our beautiful interpreter was healed of a major heart condition! always come back. Holy Spirit shone light on the root cause and brought healing to completion. He kept looking at us and smiling his head he could not believe he was completely healed saying, “I have never felt this free”, looking and smiling shaking.

The Lord is trusting us in these days with another level of power, the Spirit of Might with the Fear of the Lord’s plumb line to guide us into all truths. I couldn’t make it up myself.

It was a privilege to minister and pray with multi-cultural faiths.

My heart is full of gratitude to each and every one of you friends and partners, you seriously keep Fiery Crown and Glory going around the world, you are the secret heroes.

Love Janie x

Keep your eyes peeled for lots more trips in 2020, including:






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