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Scotland, Jane’s Adventures in the Wild Island’s

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Family arrival of baby Arthur, such immense joy being a Nana!

Launch of our NEW Business, Woven Colours.

I’v become a poet & didn’t know.

Another day another way in the creative music foundations rhythm sounds.

A fresh expression of awe and wonder birthed straight from my hearts bliss.

Visitors to my Scottish home come from far and wide, to see these wild Isle’s.

Some from over seas, Wales and Ireland too. Lewis shores barren and bleak. The ancient ones traveled along its beaches long years ago. We strand where their feet stood, and walk on these Revival shores.

Isle Mull, with its misty sea scapes, its waters rolls upon the Inner Hebrides.

Iona, the small Hebridean island of glory, experienced the beautiful white sand and crystal blue sea surrounding it, which captivated and brought such folk as St Columba who shaped a generation with the mighty presence of the love of God.

Monks and Pilgrims, Clans, kings, Craftsmen, Farmers Fishermen, all brave and free.

Arron, we felt the heart of your islands beauty and serenity. Bountiful sense of freedom, so wild and free, your creative wild life for all to see.


Amidst folk law tales of dragons lair.

Small bunny rabbits roam

Wild and free

On grassland beauty deity.

Creation says:

“Come play with me,

Let’s slide,

Down the fiery tails of Seraphim.”

Who’s darts pierce to my very soul,

Heart to kill,

Burning passion

Prevents the drill.

I look up, there on its Beach Head throne,

Sits the Seraphim

With blazing rule,

Mountains melt like wax before it's flame

Lightening flashing all about its deity

Perched on Irvine hill,

Staring out to sea

With its burning will.

The humming birds fly high above,

The eagles soar,

A red kite swoops from hatched babies nest

All fluffy feathered from mummies breast.

Under the shield of him who knows best, Abba Father.

I hear the sound of distant lands roaring

Deep cries out deep to deep,

Celestial sounds boom far and wide.

Blue cloudy inky skies,

Faces shine forth on crystal seas of glass.

Irvine green fresh river upon the estuary of sound.

A frequency of ecstasy,

Green and pleasant land,

Oh bonny Scotland

Oh brave you are

Thy beauty shines for all to see

In your ruggedness you rally forth your troops

Where stains of love have strewn the land

It cries for vengeance


Oh fiery breath!

The piercing heart of rainbow colours

Rainbow seas.

We smell your burning heather roots

The gorse all prickly

Crown of thorns,

Did e’er such love and sorrow meet?

Demands my life my soul my all.

In silence, stillness underground

Moles burrow, interconnecting, feasting

On their wormy captives

Eaten alive.

Freedom is our daily bread

We are not dead.

In Yahweh we live

Our life source complete,

Frequency of sound

We breath again,

Alive in his immense, entwining benevolence,


Scotland Adventures

Love to Good news!

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Shawna Heyes
Shawna Heyes
Apr 19, 2021

This looks amazing Jane!!!!

Jul 08, 2021
Replying to

Wee bonnie lass!!!

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