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The love feast at His House Fellowship Mc Arthur flying high in the transportation Glory.

As the sunset fell over Berkley

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Burn Frenso Feast of Tabernacles

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Privileged to visit the graves of the legends Kathryn Kuhlman and Aimee Semple Mcpherson. It was a memorable time Entering Angelas Temple the atmosphere was pregnant with heavy weighty intercession of the young Hesh Spanish dancers.

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In both Kathryn’s and Aimee’s evangelism, it was the presence of God that drew the lost to repentance and caused real radical transformation in the lives that they touched through their ministries. With signs, wonders, and miracles and healing’s taking place through the powerful presence of God preaching the gospels of Jesus Christ unto Salvation.

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The wild fiery burning breath of God laid people out under the presence for hours crawling on their hands and knees at “A place to meet Jesus” church Los Angeles. An hilarious Comic called Timothy Snodgrass, giggled through the whole meeting. Then Gershom Sikaala ministered the word on “heart to heart”.

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We were out on the streets one night and heard a busker named Van Chan singing. We felt he carried the sound for Hong Kong and the Kingdom of Heaven, a true worshiper in his heart believed he would touch many through his

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Another time we were loving on and washed and oiled thirty Pilipino maids feet, some had suffered greatly at the hands of their employers. One precious young woman shared an amazing testimony how she prayed fervently until her job situation changed and is now living with a lush Christian family.

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Could feel the angelic winds as we functioned in and out of the courts of heaven as we stood under the different Central Government offices. A chance meeting with a formal legislator as he walked amid the prodemocracy supporters encouraging them amid the sea of ra