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Indonesia Bliss Tour 2019

Yet again this year, I had the privilege to travel with Love Fest Global 2019, an amazing team to love on the children and people of Indonesia! Although our time was short, we had precious moments where we saw Papa God manifest himself through their little lives. Countless eternal moments that you just know that someone’s life has been radically touched and

transformed. I love that about God. It doesn’t always need to take decades of time to be transformed, but often it’s in the encounter with Him where we are changed and become more free and more like our heavenly Father. Praying that every soul we touched and crossed paths with will continue to reap more of Christ in their lives!

We have had one of the most incredible times this year on our annual Indo Glory Tour! I’m so grateful to each of the team & how we were knitted together in the entwining

love tapestry with Jeshua. I love doing Indo Glory tour with these amazing incredibly humble people, I’m massively honoured and blessed to know! Here’s to more to come!

Daniel Black and his team for the past several years have visited this school in Jakarta. Each year I’ve loved watching these kids be impacted by the Lord. This year we danced, we sang, we partied, and then a powerful word was spok

en on how Father God will give each and everyone of the school children solutions to see the world transformed around them.  We then had a fire tunnel where many of these kids began having powerful encounters, several even baptized in the Holy Spirit, some just having their precious hearts healed with Papas love. These kids are such world changers, what a rip roaring time we had!

Some of the highlights of the tour were to see the hunger the passionate hearts in the church communities radical love. They know how to party!

Acts 2:47 (YLT) “Praising God, and having favour with all the people, and the Lord was adding those being saved every day to the assembly.”

Miracle Service with Paster Daniel Black

We saw loads of deliverances! Everywhere we went people getting healed by His fiery love. His compassionate pursuit of the entwining love tapestry. Song of Songs (Passion translation) says:

“Let him smother me with kisses—his Spirit-kiss divine. So kind are your caresses, I drink them in like the sweetest wine!”

Saturday nights Glory Miracle service was exceptional with over a hundred people gathered together. Holy Spirit shone light to heal lives and set free, on some of the root emotional causes and bringing healing to completion. Papa is trusting us in these days w

ith another level of his father heart love, power, the Spirit of Might with the Fear of the Lord’s plumbline to guide us into all truths. I couldn’t make it up myself. It was a privilege to minister and pray with multi-cultural faiths. My heart is full of gratitude to each and every one of you friends and partners, you seriously are the best!

Thanks to all you precious people who gifted, partnered with me on this incredible journey.


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