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Near death experience testimony!

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Check this video out! A man asked for healing for very high blood pressure, he looked really poorly and had to be held up. He’d been in hospital for eight weeks, and his face was like the walking dead (no colour). As we prayed I saw visions of heaven, glory, and light appeared as he looked up into heaven, as he raising both arms in complete surrender! He said, “whether I stay or whether I go I it’s up to you” (Lord). It was like a dimensional shift, slow motion, and then the light of the glory of the Lord shone around him. I physically saw the countenance of the Lord shining on his face and chest. I prayed in my heart asking God will he live or will he be taken? It looked like he was dying. I saw in a vision Stephen looking into heaven as he was being stoned, and I felt the Lord say to call the man’s spirit back into his body, it wasn’t his appointed time! The power of might gripped me, I was overwhelmed by the presence…. I felt the man was having real life visions of the Lord as I looked into his face. He manifested, shaking and could hardly stand up. His blood pressure came down dramatically, and colour came back into his face and strength into his body. We believe he physically died if that is possible for around 20 minutes. [youtube]

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