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Royalty, Inheritance, Princesses, Crowns, Kings and Queens

I’ve just returned home from an another globe trotting trip to the US and NewZealand.

My first ever visit to Florida sharing with an incredible group of people. Ex cons, beautiful people struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction.

Amazing stories of one man who went through the three month programme 13 years ago and is now completely set free! Working at the rehab centre and is producing his own songs and records with his beautiful wife.

Through creativity Pastor Alex ministers deeply to the broken hurting people enabling transformation and change to take place. In this short video whilst making a pot, Pastor Alex interacts with the ex cons and shares about a lifestyle of prayer to see healing, miracles, signs and wonders.

Such a joy and a blessing to have been part of this community to see sons and daughters restored to the rightful state of inheritance, royalty, crowned and adorned in love!

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