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Springing into the month of May

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

So good to be writing my second blog on my new website!

Blazing sunsets, ocean tides

Smoke on the water, purple skies

Blue skies crystal clear, oceans thrive

Golden Amber streamers ripple across sandy shore skies.

Springing into the month of May, I was with the awesome Ian Clayton and my beautiful Russian friends & family. Together we were fired up by the awesome Ian Clayton and invited into mind stretching teachings about our God bodies bearing the pattern of Yahweh.

Available on the shop. In both Russian and English, video:

Another week of mind blowing engagements in the heavenly realms with the infamous, legendary Dr Ogbonnaya school of Higher Dimensional Zone of Hyper Reality.

The 6th year of SOKM learning and activating about how these Realities are coming into the created realm and structuring of how we relate with each other, other realms and dimensions of Heaven.

There is a Super Exciting new Flight School launch in July based on mentoring. It is based around the concept of small group mentoring, where you have access to thirteen incredible individuals who will mentor you on a range of amazing subjects.

In the adventurous spirit of the Celtic saints moving across the land, we joined together with my Irish family to take a trip to Dunadd Fort set in the stunning countryside of Kilmartin Glen.

Between 500 AD and 800 AD, Dunadd was one of the most important places in what has since become Scotland. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Dairada and a place where Kings were anointed.

Dunadd site was internationally renowned as a royal power centre of the Gaelic kings of Dal Riata. Historically, it is a place where the famous St Columba visited.

This enchanted rugged countryside is a perfect place for a spontaneous fireside chat.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings and look forward to another blog about my recent Seraphim encounters, arcing and preparing us for Divine Union.


Jane x

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