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Updated: Oct 1, 2022

I draw my inspirations from growing the most amazing plants, veggies & stunning flowers. The love of gardening I have inherited from my dad. This reminds me of my Heavenly Father who loving teaches us and guides us, producing His life in us.

Dreamy summer holidays after Covid lock down to the fantastic Centre Pacs Penrith Cumbria, with my family enjoying the beautiful woodland forest lodges with all the home comforts you could possibly need.

A long awaited dream come true, paddle boarding coaching, oh yes I stood up on my board on the first attempt, even managing a star back flip, into the lake, but only once!!!

In our life most of us have already achieved so much, and now we can embrace life with both hands, not letting your past rule us but embrace our future. Fear isn't an option, let's be brave and pull our future into the present, maybe forgiving people who have hurt us in the past, or situations long gone. lets allow Holy Spirit to hug and kiss us in the deepest of places in our hearts where he wishes to resides, His permeant home.

From rabbits, red squirrels and hares running though the forest. The dawn chorus the singing choir of multi coloured birds.

No holiday is complete without a challenge & this one was no different. Super high Ariel plated rope bridges, wooden barrel, cargo nets only attached to one line. Hands free, thirty miles per hour zip wire across a lake to complete the challenge.

Exhilarating, pounding heart adrenaline pumping though my veins, a prayer or too. Now the competition was on, Schroeder verses Merryweather, with aching mussels we ventured lazer shooting glory, a bit like clay pigeon shooting without bullets.

With the resent Fathers Day celebrations memories of my dad, a keen gardener growing most of our seasonal food in abundance. Generational skills, passion for seed time and harvest past down the family line to me and my daughter.

So stocked!!!

Jane Schroeder is a passionate lover of Yeshua who continues to dive deeper and deeper into the mystery and riches of the Blood of Christ and the glory of His suffering. It overflows and influences every verse penned within these pages.

Jane’s poems encapsulate her own personal encounters of a deep and intimate journey with God and they were forged from a lengthy time of separation unto God, strolling the beaches, connecting with the land where our ancient forefathers once walked honouring God and his creation. Forward It is difficult not to get more excited and hungry for God when listening to Jane! She not only sees in the spirit but as she shares what she sees, in the fear of the Lord, she helps others engage too! If you're losing your sense of awe and wonder for God, a chat with Jane will help! Shalom

Love Jane x

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