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Taking Jesus To The Streets of Balanga The Philippines

We had a lot of fun with the precious people from THE CHURCH SO BLESSED IN BALANGA THE PHILIPPINES. 

While walking though the Balanga market..many Salvations, Healing took place.

One Man 12 years ago hurt his back in an accident. Bam!!! A word of knowledge about his back and within minutes his back straightened up two inches.

133 salvations Psalm 133 

Prayed for a Deaf woman five times, on the fourth time of praying wth her she cried out “letters letters” we prayed again she was completely healed and many more healing. 

Here’s two amazing testimonies from Video Nikkia:  

Two local Cult leaders saved.

A young women owner of a fresh fruit and veggie market stall touched massively by the power of Holy Spirit. She had just under gone treatment for stage four cancer. Words of knowledge flow like a river as the power of God over shadowed her. She was so overcome by the presence and grateful for the prayer, I received a bag full of fruit. 

So many people gathered round for just one touch from the King. 

From stoke victims of all ages to a young homosexual with a broken heart, displayed as a sharp pain under his rib cage. 

One of my favourite testimonies was from a group of ladies who went into a flower shop & bought some flowers. Little did the flower shop lady know she was about to be introduced to Jesus….Holy Cheeky Monkey Spirit sneaked up on her hehe. 

Just one more amazing story.

One of the women was praying with a teenager girl “accept Jesus as your boyfriend” as Jesus came into her heart for the first time she was full of joy giggling her head off saying “Thank you that you are my Boyfriend”  

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