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For I am in love with Him, … with God. He is always on my mind. With all my strength, I dream about him. On my bed, weak and lonely, I think about Him, dream about Him. He’s always on my mind… I am always on His mind. The Lord thinks about me, dreams about me Because I am always on his mind. God is in love with me. He is able to keep what I have committed to Him, To bring me forth in love. I say yes, I want to be with you Father. You move my heart with sweet Bliss. Piercing my very will, The reason to live and love again. Hope for mankind. Walking in the Spirit day by day, In the enveloping weakness Wearied, ravished, Undone in my Father’s embrace of love Bringing me forth in love. He desires to be with me Longing for the day to makes all things new. I surrender, I say yes, I was to be with you in union Blood transfusion. Transforming me, Into reflections of His light being, Luminous, radiating diamond skin. Light being of your love. Breath of God Dripping for His fragrant, honey dew lips. In common union. running through my veins Every cell cavity absorbing transforming love. I am undone, raptured, ravished.

Beyond understanding, beyond comprehension. Like Paul the Apostle, caught up into paradise, Whether in the body or out of the body I do not know. I do not know whether on the Earth or in the spirit, In Him, in Him, as he plays the strings of my heart. Deep calls me in the grave The mysterious, beautiful depths of His love. All I desire is to behold Your beauty Your beautiful, iridescent, irresistible face. Joy comes in the morning as I arise from the grave, The depths of His very being, abiding in Him. Swallowed into the golden, liquid, refreshing stream, The epicentre of his heart. A warm, liquid tear escapes my left eye, in slow descent. Sorrow and love flow mingled down. Realisation, my tears of blood Warm, sweet, bloody bliss drips from his side. Fresh bread, manna. Once more the desire overwhelms me, I surrender.

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