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High Quality protection against Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) plus harmonizing frequencies to shield your body from 5G radiation and helps to restore your body back into balance. 


Jesus Raves have been tested & can be scientifically and Bio-Energetically verified.


• Electromagnetic Radiation Protection.

• Protects and shields the body from the harmful & negative effects of the environmental Electromagnetic      Radiation. (EMR)

• Re-balances, revives and restores the Bio-Energetic Cellular function.

• Ancient Quantum-Field energy technology that harmonies and radiates a “subtle field” resembling the natural  resonant frequencies of the cells natural Bio-Energetic field.

Jesus Raves are 100% Pure Stainless Steel, Hypo-allergenic, Non-allergic, Nickel, Copper, Brass & Lead-free. Plus it’s resistance to rust, oxidation and discoloration making it long-lasting with an attractive stylish finish.

Jesus Raves have been created in Australia and are very unique. People who are sensitive to energy say they can feel the frequency captured within the jewellery. The technology was invented by Scientist Dr Ranga Premaratna & the sounds produced by Katrina Horne.

Jesus Raves have been infused with heavenly sounds that have been captured within the matrix of the jewellery, sounds including:


•24 Hebrew living letters

•72 names of God 

•Yod Hey Vav Hey chanting

•Yod Hey Shin Vav Hey chanting

•Bible Verses sung

•Prayers, Praise and Worship 

With a pure heart and IN Yeshua, the sounds and frequencies have been released from active engagement at the throne of Grace. Through prayer, praise and worship, a loving frequency harmonizing with a heart of Yeshua, helps release the overshadowing of Yahweh locked within what we have produced. Our intent is to release the love and fire of Yahweh as the overshadowing over your body. Many hours of powerful high frequency sounds to release the fire and the love of God and have produced the Jesus Raves.


Dr Ranga is the brilliant scientist who created this powerful technology. This technology is a unique specific encoded Quantum entanglement technology that has the capacity to help restore the disrupted effects within our body of the intercellular communication. Especially by toxic Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) emitted by modern electrical and electronic devices.


Katrina Horne is Yahweh filled and was lead by Jesus to produce and create the sounds of heaven through frequencies that are captured within the matrix of the jewellery. The amulets has been tested and can be proven to shield your body and organs when exposed to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) such as your mobile phone, laptops, microwaves.

Through a divine appointment with Dr Ranga Heavenly Creations has produced the Jesus Raves.


This image was hand drawn by the scientist using the golden ratio. 

There are different images overlaid  within this design. The images are very precise and overlaid a certain way. Its amazing that it looks like the Jewish star! 


The design is using Ancient Quantum-Field energy technology that harmonies and radiates a “subtle field” resembling the natural resonant frequencies of the cells natural Bio-Energetic field.



For more information please watch the video above, thank you. 


Jesus Raves

  • Dosn't come with chain 

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