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What an incredible trip to Tokyo with my amazing friend Daniel Black. We have traveled together as part of a team to Jakarta Indonesia on several accasions seeing incredible healings, miracles, and salvations. In Tokyo we were visiting Awakening Asia family where we encountered His glory and love together in there community. We celebrated the first ever graduating class of the Awakening Asia School of Ministry, again seeing salvations and many lives touched by Jesus during our time there.

During this trip Daniel shared a prophetic word regarding Japan i would like to share with you.

"This country is very innovative and they will become innovators in fresh expressions of Gospel ministry and church expressions. In the coming years you will see Japan begin to lead the way with new and unique models that will have global impact. Japan is going from a last place to a first place in the Gospel. Keep watching and witness the unique work God will do in and through this country.

It’s exciting times."

If you would like to trade a love offering towards the cost

of my travel expenses, head over to the link below...


I really appreciate your support. I want to express my gratitude to all you Jesus lovers who have supported me and family, it means the world to me.

Shalom Love

        Jane xxx  

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