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Just Around The Corner

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

My favourite season. Soft summer fruits growing wild, black berries. As the Summer season comes to an end the raspberries are starting to pop. The salty sea wind tends to burn the leaves of the bushes. Away with my family on an afternoon walk I began to pick blackberries. Some big some small, in some places it was like human locusts have been there before me.

“Mum, Mum!” called a voice

Just around the corner, the promised surprise to my delight were little red droplets, wild raspberries peekabooing through the overgrown bramble thicket. Blessed, my heart burst forth in gratitude of hearts, thankful for the gift of God more than I could express.


Doggie Love

A trip up to the North of Scotland, enjoying a sunny afternoon, crossing over a road to the beach, no vehicles to be seen. Suddenly, a car pulled out of a lay by running over Millie’s front right paw, degloving and breaking bones and joints. Scraping her up off the road, barking in distress we gathered round her shaking traumatised body and began to pray. As her heart raced and she began to panic, mirroring my own emotions, while we prayed over her in less than 10 minutes, peace and Shalom washed over her. Binding her up in a tourniquet to stem the bleeding.

Within 15 minutes we arrived at the vets with a comfortable and calm Millie in our arms. Realising that the blood on my face wasn’t just Millies, but my own as well as in blind panic she bit my face. The fractured bones and injuries were irretrievable and a decision was made to amputate her front right leg. If only, if only I had… No living with regrets. Now Millie doggie is recovering like a queen with three legs, loving all the extra attention knowing she will grow strong again and chase a ball just around the corner.

Yahweh has our best interest in heart, he brought a very skilled, kind and reassuring veterinary surgeon on call on that day to operate on Millie at 4am in the morning.

On return home, I realised in her blind panic Millie had caught my mouth and bit my face in several places. I was numb from shock until I laid my head to rest and the swelling throbbing pain started. The only ease I could find was coconut oil, Young Living Frankincense every two hours and my new trusted frequency device called HEALY. And so the healing has begun…

In case some of you are wondering , HEALY is the first wearable frequency technology device that runs via your smartphone or tablet. It is FDA approved and can help with pain, arthritis, well being, beauty and skin and many more through exciting programs.


Love Janey & Ruthie x

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