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Marvels, Miracles and Healings


One of Todd Bentley’s favourite words when Holy Spirit shows up and shows off big time!

I have never in my entire life seen such a humble, kind, compassionate man; so hungry, faithful, with an aggressive radical rare faith to see the dead raised and the sick healed with the heart of Father Papa God. I feel so honoured and privleged to have been part of the Fresh Fires Mission team.

We began in Mumbai with Bollywood’s answer to Elvis Presley!

The meetings were huge with overflow rooms outside. While visiting the restroom, an elderly lady with bladder and kidney cancer causing a weeping sore was having her diaper changed  by two beautiful women; they touched my  heart deeply, but unbeknown to me this was the beginning of a massive learning curve on all levels of my life. I have previously worked with special needs and some days wondered what I was doing changing adult diapers; I now know it was Holy Spirit’s training in the secret places.

Everywhere we went many, even thousands, of people gave their lives to Jesus. We left Mumbai and headed off to Hyderabad to the “Unstoppable Favour Conference.” Thousands gathered under the beautiful white sparkling tent, with huge chandeliers where the sick lay awaiting their miracles. I witnessed people being healed from cancer, tumours, blindness, deafness and mutism. Multiple sicknesses and demons fled and generational curses were broken off people’s lives forever. The tender angelic voices of the worshipers rang out all over the city, and I sensed the presence of Jesus walking amongst us. [youtube –]

The hunger and expectancy pulled on the anointing to bring healing, signs and wonders which flooded the tent as we reached into the crowds laying hands on many precious souls, with angelic swirling harvesters. One thing I really love about India is the unique differences of curries in each region, lush mouth-watering curries, three a day keeps the Delhi belly away!

This man was crippled for twenty two years. He had so much determination and faith to walk without his crutches. Paul Meuniot and I prayed for him many times until he could stand without his crutches and as we walked together in faith, the Lord strengthened his legs and he was able to walk alone!!!! Glory to King Jesus!!!



Thousands Gather!


After many years of Todd seeing God’s miraculous power open deaf ears this was most moving as both brothers 9 & 7 were deaf and mute. They spoke Hallelujah for first time!

A fifty year old man who couldn’t speak any English gave us a piece of paper with a long list of his illnesses. Holy Spirit highlighted HIV. I felt the power and the anointing go forth out of me as I prayed for him. I asked him what he was feeling, he said exactly “FIRE IN HIS Blood” believing he was completely healed.

These treasured widowed ladies live in the Slums in tiny shacks in hilly places where the sun beats down on the corrugated tin roofs making their homes like a sauna. Hugs and more hugs touched us all deeply to the heart as Holy Spirit hugged and kissed them inside out dispelling loneliness and isolation.

Prophetic words changing lives for ever.

IMG_4813 2

This little cutie playing in the dirt!


Girlies praying with the women and children in the Slums!

Great way to get around in the hilly slums of Hyderabad!

I was surprised and honoured to bring the word at the women’s prayer service at Bangalore Full Gospel Assembly of God. The team flowed in prophetic anointing and many women were healed and touched by the power of God. Then a 7am Sunday morning service. Thousands gathered to hear me preach about the Seraphim, FIRE ShakkaBam!!!

EPIC time, EPIC trip, life changing experiences… a massive thank you to all who sowed into my life both financially and in prayer.

More adventures coming up in 2016, US in February and March, Kuwait in April, Holland in May and many more places including a return to India. If you would like to sow into future adventures with the Nun on the run, click on the paypal link.

Thank you!

Jane Schroeder.

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