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Nardia and Kenny Crain live in Crestview Florida.

Nardia and Kenny Crain live in Crestview Florida.

From the time Kenny was a young boy he dream’t of play collage basket ball but before he know it he was drawn into a a life style of drugs and alcohol ad parties, landing himself time and time in the county jail. Eventually trapped with a six months sentence in jail.

The judge offered him a reduced sentence

 enrolling Kenny into a treatment program.

He says “The day they let me out of jail to start my program at Harvest Vineyard Mission was September 11th 2001. It was about eleven minutes before the World trade Centre attack. He says “I was getting my hair cut watching History take place before my eyes. Wow God knows how to get your attention, he sure had mine.


Thirteen years on, Kenny eats sleeps Jesus, working at the Mission as a Evangelics worship leader, song writer aggressive and prophetic in nature but also melodic and tender at times provoking your you to run after Jesus with all of your hearts seeing His kingdom manifest though your life.


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