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Nun on the run in the Califonia sun

Fun in the sun at Magic Mountain Crazy high roller coasters, 255 feet drop


This was my third visit to Fresno Burn, love those radical lovers of Jesus. We Experienced  some amazing melodies and frequencies were released taking many people to places they’d never been before.

 It was so cool having so many gifted musicians and singers and just allowing each other to flow whilst engaging the Throne Room together, enjoying sharing on the pleasures of loving Jesus as people lay like love sick puppies at Jesus feet.

On my last visit we engaged the courts petitioning on behalf of southern California’s drought, interestingly each place i ministered the rain fell as i left the region.

We were Joined by are German musician good friend Markus, and also it was a Privileged and honoured to spend time with Assembly Women Shannon Groves in Sacramento  Capital, who is  a radical petitioner in both heaven and earthly realms.


The hungry bunnies at Oasis Church hung on every word of the Lord. Many hearts were touched with a whole new level of “intimacy” heavenly and earthly Ekkelsia together. Holy Checky Monkey(spirit) brought words of prophecy, hilarious words of knowledge as we prayed with people till the small hours.


Lush time with Burn Sacramento Cris and Alycia, Uganda lovers. Alycia had a heart shaped jewel appeared in the palm of her hand! Mark 16:17 Signs and wonders will follow them and these signs will accompany those who believe in my name.


Traveling though the green and pleasant land up to the beautiful location of Lake Port to treasured people. In times past William Branham had preached here and prophesied Revival would spread far and wide from the north to South California. While up on mount Konoti we saw and felt a visible glory cloud. At Burning 24/7 enjoying many diverse sounds including a dawn performance by a accomplished harpist like David who when playing touched the strings of my heart, like nectar, it was honey dew to my soul……

Many healing’s popped. One lady  testified she felt that the Lord had  something for her in Fresno Burn and asked her friend to give her a ride, as she had been in so much pain since October.  When i asked her what she wanted prayer for, she said she had been in bed for three days with severe pain in her back and in her intestines. As i prayed the pain began to realise down her legs and out of her foot. She saw in the spirit her new intestines and saw the Father put them into her. After all the prayer she began to be very hungry , and now is able to eat anything she wants with no problem at all to this day.


Back In 2013 in the UK while i was sleeping, i encountered a large ferocious bear gripping me, i felt paralysing fear, it clawed my back, and i woke up in excruciating pain for weeks, until i flew to the States where i encountered the bear again, but this time, i was able to unchaining the BEAR as i repented on behalf of my Nation for using bear pits and circus animals chained and beaten for entrainment. After this encounter the pain completly left my back.

The Californian BEAR on their flag represented FEAR, so in the meeting we went into the courts of heaven and changed it to the fear of the Lord. Many people testified to this change on the flag though bear dreams past present and future. California was originally a nation in the 1800s and later became a state. The Bear Republic was the name given when California was a independent nation. The national flag then became the state flag. California was inhabited by 500 bear now only about 20 left in the state and in the ecosystem. We believe as we called the California bears back into California that they would be a sign and a wonder that the Fear of the Lord is coming back to California and instead of being afraid of the bear we would be in Awe and Wonder of God’s beautiful creation.

The prophet Isaiah says – not only to bring good news to the afflicted, to bind up the broken hearted but to be repairers, of the breach and  rebuilders of the ancient ruins and cities, knowing that the latter house shall be greater than the former.

Everlasting joy will be theirs!

Thanks for joining me on the adventures

Cheers Janey!!!

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